Eagle Scout candidate crafts Little Free Library for Three Village Historical Society

Eagle Scout candidate crafts Little Free Library for Three Village Historical Society

Connor Klug and his Eagle Scout project at the Three Villlage Historical Society surrounded by family and members of the TVHS. Photo by Rob Pellegrino/TVHS

The Three Village Historical Society (TVHS) has a new Little Free Library thanks to Eagle Scout candidate Connor Klug of Troop 1776, a Mount Sinai resident and senior at Mount Sinai High School.

SEEING DOUBLE: Connor Klug with his Little Free Library Eagle Scout Project, an exact replica of the Bayles-Swezey House in the background. Photo by Rob Pellegrino

Like all Scouts aiming to earn the rank of Eagle Scout, the highest rank in the Boy Scouts of America program, 17-year-old Klug needed to complete a service project. When it came time to choose one, he thought immediately of his love of history and knew that TVHS was extremely active within the community. 

Klug got the ball rolling on his project last fall, when he contacted TVHS director Mari Irizarry who suggested the community could use a Little Free Library like the ones at West Meadow Beach in Stony Brook and along Main Street at Three Village Community Trust headquarters in Setauket.

“We welcome hundreds of guests to our property each month for events and exhibit tours. The response I’ve heard on social media about Connor’s library has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Irizarry. “The addition of the Little Free Library adds great value to our community, and a special touch to the Society.”

Connor Klug with the Little Free LIbrary on the grounds of the Three Village Historical Society. Photo by Rob Pellegrino

Once Klug got the OK from TVHS, he began the six-month long process of designing the library to look exactly like the headquarters of the Three Village Historical Society, the Bayles-Swezey house (circa 1800), all the while being mindful of durability and weatherproofing. Klug then hit the streets asking for materials to be donated for the project with an approximate cost of $500 and had help to complete the project from family, friends, and Troop 1776. 

The process became a learning experience for Klug. “I learned that being a leader isn’t all about telling people what to do. You need to be confident, moral, and decisive, especially when things don’t go as planned,” he said.

The public is invited to drop off books about history-related topics to be included in the library — and is free to take ones too. 

The Three Village Historical Society is located at 93 N. Country Road in Setauket. For more information, visit www.tvhs.org.