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Town of Smithtown Department of Environment and Waterways

Trees bloom along Elm Avenue in Smithtown. Photo from Town of Smithtown

The Town of Smithtown Department of Environment and Waterways (DEW) and its tree planting program has secured the title of Tree City USA for the township for it’s 37th year. The notification comes as the team of Urban Foresters gear up for Arbor Day on April 26, with a ceremonial tree planting at the Smithtown Senior Citizens Center. 

Additionally, the department will plant 150 new street trees around town for the spring season. The Urban Forestry team plans to plant a total of 500 trees by the end of 2024. 

“This award validates the Town’s commitment and investment towards maintaining a healthy environment and robust urban forestry program. I want to commend Environmental Director, David Barnes, and Urban Foresters; Tom Colella and Bob Barget for going above and beyond to grow our programming to new heights,” said Smithtown Town Supervisor Ed Wehrheim.

“It’s easy to take for granted, especially in Spring, Summer and Fall, just how fortunate we are to live in an emerald city, lush with healthy trees and native pollinators. The work that DEW has done to ensure a booming tree inventory and maintenance program will undoubtedly offer beauty, health and countless environmental benefits for decades to come,” he added. 

The Town of Smithtown was first declared Tree City USA in 1986 by the National Arbor Day Foundation. Since then, the Town has taken great pride in managing a sustainable streetscape lined with trees. The Town of Smithtown has proudly maintained its reputation as Tree City USA for over 37 years, in addition to recent efforts to begin a street tree census, and to identify invasive species.

The Department of Environment and Waterways Urban Forestry team is currently working to finalize the grant agreement with the U.S Forest Service. Upon completion Urban Foresters will begin planting 2,000 trees over a four year period beginning with 350 this fall. 

DEW has planted 2,350 trees since 2019 and will total 2500 by the end of this Spring. Since the street tree inventory project began in April 2020, 25,000 trees out of an estimated 35,000 street trees within the township have been cataloged. Preliminary data from the I-Tree 10/13/22 Report shows that the Town of Smithtown has a greater than 30% tree canopy cover. 

Residents can request street tree plantings in front of their residence by contacting the Department of Environment and Waterways Urban Forestry team via email at [email protected] or by phone at 631-360-7514.

The Town of Smithtown Department of Environment and Waterways collected over 29 tons of waste at the Hazardous Household Waste event. On Saturday, April 23, 603 Smithtown households participated in safely disposing 58,200 pounds of toxic items, which are prohibited in regular curbside waste pickups.

“The sheer weight in toxic products collected over the weekend corroborates just how important protecting the environment is to our residents,” said Supervisor Ed Wehrheim (R). “As a community we’ve become more proactive, removing old and harmful products from the home and checking labels at the store. I’d like to commend our team of Environmental experts, Municipal Services Facility employees, the Department of Environment and Waterways and Public Safety for conducting what was a seamless event hosted for the Smithtown community.”

Smithtown Municipal Services Facility employees worked in conjunction with the Department of Environment and Waterways Environmental Director David Barnes and Solid Waste Coordinator Mike Engelmann to safely secure over 28 55-gallon drums, 15 one-cubic-yard boxes, one miscellaneous container for specialized hazardous waste, and two full 30-cubic-yard roll-off containers loaded up with paints/solvents, etc. The exact weight collected was 29.1 tons (scale house net) in hazardous materials. Materials were collected and manifested for disposal by Radiac Research Corp. In addition to residents dropping off hazardous household waste, many circled their vehicles around to pick up bags of free mulch on the way out.

A portion of the wastes collected for manifested disposal include: waste oil based paints/flammable paints, gasoline, paint thinners, waste gases, petroleum distillates, flammable solids, oxidizers liquids and solids, sodium/potassium nitrates, acids, corrosives, pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, misc. toxic liquids (i.e. Chlordane, etc.) and solids, lacquers, lithium batteries, battery acids and various other toxic compounds.

Covanta provided a $5 gift card to Home Depot to residents as a reward for recycling potentially harmful batteries instead of placing them in the trash. Covanta plans to be present at the July and October events to target other hazardous wastes, in addition to batteries.

The next household hazardous waste collection events are scheduled for Saturday, July 9 and Saturday, Oct. 1. These events are for Smithtown Township residents only. Proof of residency will be strictly enforced

Did you know?

Smithtown residents can also dispose of electronic waste, free of charge, at the Town Recycling Center (also located at 85 Old Northport Road). Electronic waste such as computers, printers, TV’s, monitors, automotive and household batteries can be dropped off during regular hours for proper recycling.

This is a free service. Proof of residency is required. 

Mulch is also available free of charge to residents. Smithtown residents can line up for pre-packaged bags of mulch with a maximum of 10 bags per visit. The town offers free loading of loose mulch into your pick-up or dump truck — cover required