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Supervisor Dan Losquadro

Town of Brookhaven Highway Supervisor Dan Losquadro and Councilwoman Jane Bonner. Photo from TOB

Brookhaven Town Highway Superintendent Daniel P. Losquadro and Councilwoman Jane Bonner have announced the completion of two paving projects in Mount Sinai.

Prior to paving the roadways in each project, crews inspected drains and repaired and replaced damaged concrete curbing and aprons.

In the first project, Carol Court, Clinton Street, Davis Court, Munroe Drive and Orchard Court were resurfaced. The second project included the resurfacing of Bunthorne Lane, Calverly Lane, Grosvenor Lane, Wylde Road, and Pipe Stave Hollow Road from Route 25A to Independence Way. In addition, this project involved the installation of a new drain on Pipe Stave Hollow, as well as the installation of a turning lane for motorists turning east onto Route 25A off of Pipe Stave Hollow. The total cost for both of these paving projects was approximately $551,000.

“Our 2022 paving season is in full swing,” said Superintendent Losquadro. “The resurfacing of roadways in these paving projects will provide some much-needed relief for motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists.”

“Safety on our roads is of the utmost importance and residents can drive more confidently through this neighborhood now that the repaving has been completed. I thank Superintendent Losquadro and the men and women of the Highway Department for the important work they do in my district and throughout the Town of Brookhaven,” added Bonner.