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Holly and Mistletoe

Holly & Misteltoe


This week’s shelter pets are Holly and Mistletoe, up for adoption at the Smithtown Animal Shelter. This mother/daughter duo have been together for 7 years and the shelter hopes to keep them together in their next home. 

Holly & Misteltoe

Both small in stature, Holly (in the cat house) was just a baby herself when she had Mistletoe so they have grown up together. They found themselves at the shelter when their human mom became ill. Holly is loving and outgoing and Mistletoe is sweet and cuddly once she gets to know you. If you would like to meet  these sweethearts, please call ahead to schedule an hour to properly interact with them in a domestic setting.

The Smithtown Animal & Adoption Shelter is located at 410 Middle Country Road, Smithtown. Visitor hours are currently Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. (Sundays and Wednesday evenings by appointment only). For more information, call 631-360-7575 or visit www.townofsmithtownanimalshelter.com.