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Photo from SBU

Stony Brook University’s Division of Finance & Administration broke the largest single-week record for food donated to the University’s on-campus Food Pantry. The largest amount of food received was previously set at 269 pounds. The Division participated in the ‘Adopt a Week’ program during Valentine’s Day week and was able to collect 700 pounds.

“There are members of our Stony Brook community experiencing real food insecurity,” stated Jed Shivers, Senior Vice President for Finance & Administration. “This isn’t surprising given that just over one in ten New York households experience food insecurity, so we were delighted to partner with the Food Pantry to benefit students, faculty and staff here on campus.”

The Stony Brook University Food Pantry is located in the Stony Brook Union and serves university  community members (students, staff and faculty) who are at risk of food insecurity. The Food Pantry looks to be a reliable and stable supplemental food source while providing resources to those in need.

Several members of the Division of Finance & Administration helped organize and conduct the food collection for the Food Pantry including: Karla Morrison, Lauren Candela, Christine O’Neill, Carolyn Osiecki, Joseph Caponegro, Jennifer Coggin, Jhovanna Erazo, Kassidy Berke, Diane Brady, Kristine Kondrick, Heather McLaughlin, Jeanmarie Ricciardi, Veronica Brown and Divisional leaders who lent their support including Lyle Gomes, Heather Montague, Simeon Ananou, Bill Herrmann, Larry Zacarese, and Jen Donnelly.