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Matthew Hetterich with Nancy Geiger, Director of Gurwin Home Care Agency, after receiving his award. Photo from Gurwin Jewish

Matthew Hetterich, administrator of Gurwin Healthcare System’s Certified Home Health Agency in Commack, has been honored with a 2021 Moxy Man Award. The award is presented by the Moxxie Mentoring Foundation and honors men and organizations that have contributed to the advancement of women in the workplace.

The Sound Beach resident was nominated by four women who have worked closely with him throughout his career. They highlighted his intelligence, kindness, fierce independence and his ability to constantly unify those he worked with. 

“Matt has always reminded us to continue to fight the good fight and that sitting back was never an option. He always inspired,” said Taryn Birkmire, executive director of Recco Home Care. Eileen Gerard, an agency consultant at Addus Homecare, said, “Matthew was surrounded by powerful, convicted women, and he never feared us. He embraced us as we all learned from each other, and together we soared.”

Hetterich was celebrated at a luncheon in June. Upon receiving the award, he shared high praise for his female colleagues. 

“Healthcare, especially home care, is primarily dominated by women in both clinical and administrative roles. I’m fortunate to have spent my career surrounded by strong, intelligent women who have shared invaluable professional and life experience that has helped me to not only become a better leader, but a better person as well.”