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Bridget McCormick, above, recently retired as business manager from St. James R.C. Church. Photo from Bill McCormick

When Bridget McCormick recently retired from her position as business manager at St. James R.C. Church in Setauket, she wanted to keep things low key. But her family felt after 31 years of service, the news was worth spreading.

Bridget McCormick, right, with her daughter, Kenzie, and granddaughter, Addy. Photo from Bill McCormick

McCormick and her husband, Bill, moved to Stony Brook in 1975 and a few years later to Setauket. Her husband said after he was laid off from a job, his wife took on the business manager position at the church. Even though they would have been OK financially, McCormick’s husband said his wife stepped up to the plate, something he said she always does when anything needs to be done.

The Rev. Robert Smith, who worked with Bridget McCormick for 12 years until 2015, said the business manager took on a wide variety of tasks in addition to being in charge of the church’s financial matters. Smith said she taught religious education for a few years, helped to create the church’s annual 5K run and was always willing to help whenever it was needed. The reverend said McCormick’s attentiveness helped the church to be in a healthy financial state, and she is a warm, generous person with a good sense of humor.

“She was quite skilled in her area of expertise,” he said. “I trusted her completely and had no worries about the financial goings-on of the parish because they were in her good and capable hands.”

Bill McCormick said his wife always was appreciative of her job, and he said he feels in some ways God put her there.

“That may sound a little silly, but I really believe that, because she’s so passionate,” he said. “Every day she enjoyed going to work. Even when there were problems, she loved going to work and helping that church.”

The parish celebrated McCormick’s retirement in October with a gathering in the church’s community center. McCormick’s son, Ryan, said her retirement party was emotional with many of her present and former co-workers in attendance.

The McCormicks currently live in Port Jefferson Station. Bill McCormick said his wife plans to travel and visit family and friends more often, including their daughter, Kenzie, and granddaughter, Addy, in Maryland.

Smith was unable to attend McCormick’s send-off but wishes her well.

“I hope she enjoys that well-deserved family time and well-deserved rest and relaxation after so many years of service to St. James,” he said. “I believe very strongly that the parish will always be in her debt, and the parish’s well-being is greatly due to her service there over the years.”