Meet the Reboli Center’s April Artisan of the Month: Janet Zug

Meet the Reboli Center’s April Artisan of the Month: Janet Zug

The Reboli Center for Art and History, 64 Main Street, Stony Brook is pleased to name Janet Zug as its artisan of the month for April. “I discovered Janet while looking for some handmade glass for the Design Shop.  I searched the internet and found several glass blowers, but I loved her pieces and contacted her. Janet agreed to sell her work at the Center, and we have done very well with her beautiful creations,” said Lois Reboli, founder of the Reboli Center and wife of the late artist, Joseph Reboli.

• Janet Zug at work in in her studio

Janet started blowing glass in 1990. She answered an ad in the local newspaper for a glass blower apprentice and no experience was necessary. The position was with Simon Pearce, a famous glass production studio in Vermont. She got the job and after five days, fell in love with the art of glass blowing. When she was done for the day, she was allowed to work on her own designs. In 1992, she founded her own business and rented space from other studios to make her creations. In 2004, she installed her own hot shop at her studio in Vermont, where she lives.

According to Janet, “I am inspired by function and beauty. A piece should be useful and pretty, such as my hanging vases. I love making drinking glasses as you can use them, enjoy them, wash them and they are so personal. There are so many things I love about glassblowing. First there’s the hot stuff itself, what a crazy medium to play with! Then there’s the challenge of executing high quality work from this pot of hot goo. I never get tired of it because it’s always changing. Blowing glass is the best part, of course, but being a productive business person is equally as important as designing work that I am proud of.”

Janet Zug’s drinking glasses

Her studio is open on Saturdays from Thanksgiving until Christmas and visitors can take a class, where she will help someone make a piece. For more information, visit her website at

Janet Zug’s hand-blown glass is for sale in the Reboli Center’s Design Shop. The Center is  open Tuesday – Saturday from 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. and Sunday from 1 p.m. – 5 p.m.

Lois Reboli, president of the Reboli Center, noted that, “The Center is adhering to CDC, New York State and Suffolk County coronavirus guidelines, which limits the number of attendees at one time and requires all visitors to wear a mask and socially distance. Please be assured that staff and volunteers will wear masks, and do continuous cleaning and sanitizing.

For more information, call 631-751-7707.