Legislator Rob Trotta secures funding for Kings Park murals

Legislator Rob Trotta secures funding for Kings Park murals

Photo from Leg. Trotta’s office

Through an omnibus grant administered by the Suffolk County Office of Economic Development, Suffolk County Legislator Rob Trotta secured funding for the Kings Park Chamber to commission three murals to beautify the downtown business district in Kings Park. 

In partnership with Splashes of Hope, a non- profit art organization that creates murals throughout Long Island, the first mural was recently completed. With the help of local residents and Legislator Trotta, they painted a picture of the Kings Park Bluff. The bluff is a favorite site for local residents, anglers, boaters and students at Kings Park High School. The painting is on the side of the Kings Park Shipping and Business Center building at 21 Pulaski Road, and it welcomes visitors and residents to the area.  

“I think this is a terrific use of the grant money and a great way to revitalize our downtown business district,” said Leg. Trotta.

Above, Leg.Trotta paints the top of a boat while children and adults work on other aspects of the mural.