The Cold Spring Harbor High School Class of 2016 received their diplomas on Sunday, June 12, at the district’s 53rd commencement ceremony.

Principal Jay Matuk congratulated the class of 2016 on the achievement in their academic careers, and following tradition, there were four student reflection speakers.

The first was Tamanna Bhatia, who said she entered the countdown to graduation on her cellphone in September while enjoying all the perks of being senior, including knowing the best classes to take, the best delis to visit, and realizing the comfort and familiarity of home and friends will soon be left behind.

Justin Relf spoke next about what it means to be a student at CSH. He said his wish for his classmates was to “stay close to the ones you love; they will always have your back. And, keep up with your wellness, never despair, and always find hope.”

Sophia Kalinowska-Werter said all of the students she’s been with will “go the extra mile without even having to ask.” 

The last speaker was Timothy Sherlock, who said the senior class ensemble will soon be taking a different stage, and asked them to remember: “don’t be distracted by the critics. Go off script and try something new. Rely on your supporting cast; they will always be in the front row.”

Superintendent Judith A. Wilansky gave her final graduation speech, as she is set to retire this year. She spoke of gratitude. “Learn to look at the world through grateful eyes,” she said. “It is easy to be distracted, and not a badge of honor to be busy.”