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Wolf’s Moon Medicine Drum

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Members and friends of the Setalcott Nation, as well as community members, joined together at Setauket Elementary School July 13 and 14 to celebrate the local Native American culture.

The annual event featured dancing, drumming by the Wolf’s Moon Medicine Drum group, music from Band of Tainos crafts and more. Attendees also had a chance to be smudged, which is believed to clear negative energy.

July 14 and 15 the Setalcott Nation hosted its annual Native American Corn Festival and Pow-Wow at Setauket Elementary School. For two days, the grounds were filled with dancing, drumming, storytelling, food and craft vendors. The event featured drumming by Wolf’s Moon Medicine Drum and a performance by The Salinas Family — Aztec Fire Dancers from Mexico City.

The Setalcott Nation sold 30 acres of land to colonists in 1655, in what would become the Town of Brookhaven.