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File photo by Heidi Sutton

During Monday’s virtual board of trustees meeting, the Village of Port Jefferson agreed upon the 2021/2022 budget, with a total increase of 1.9% to $10,187,442.

Treasurer Denise Mordente explained on April 5 the increase over last year’s budget of $9,992,565 is attributed to several factors, including the loss of LIPA revenue and increases in state mandated expense lines.

A simple roll over budget would have resulted in a budget gap of approximately $400,000.

But according to Mayor Margot Garant, “The village was able to manage the gap reducing it to $194,877,” just slightly over the impact of the loss of LIPA revenue of $116,646 by reassigning resources and not rehiring staff in positions vacated due to retirement or attrition within certain departments. 

“We’re looking to make up the difference by increasing taxes by $122,000 with the balance covered  by increased revenues sources,” added Garant. 

“The impact to the average household, which would have an approximately $1,500 village tax bill is approximately a $45 increase,” she said. 

“We feel the budget, as proposed is going to provide the necessary resources, the village needs to continue to do its job, which is to provide our basic services to its residents.”

During the pandemic this fiscal year, Garant said, “We’re actually at $8.7 million in revenue, so we’re about $1.2 million short.” 

However, despite the loss of revenue, the village also managed to maintain services and staffing by implementing a spending freeze and strict oversight of village resources. 

The budget hearing has been posted the Village of Port Jefferson’s YouTube account. 

To read this year’s budget, visit the village website.