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Raiyah Reid

Newfield High School senior Raiyah Reid with her teammates. Photo courtesy MCCSD

On Friday, Jan. 27th, Newfield High School student Raiyah Reid became only the third female in Newfield High School varsity basketball history to reach the 1,000-point milestone. Raiyah is currently a junior at Newfield High School and has been a part of the Newfield High School varsity girls’ basketball program since the eighth grade.

“To score 1,000 points in your varsity basketball career is truly unique. You simply don’t see many players – female or male – achieving this laudatory milestone on varsity public school basketball teams,”  said Joseph Mercado, director of physical education, health, and athletics. “We are incredibly proud of Raiyah.  The fact that she is the third female to achieve this momentous accomplishment speaks volumes about the Newfield High School basketball program and our coaches. Congratulations to Raiyah Reid.”

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