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From left, Port Jefferson Middle School students Kieran Casey, Emmanuel Batuyios, Lia Donohue and Gianna Viviano with Assistant Principal Brian Walker and Superintendent of Schools Jessica Schmettan. Photo from PJSD

Port Jefferson Middle School students Emmanuel Batuyios, Kieran Casey, Lia Donohue and Gianna Viviano have many diverse interests as students. 

The one commonality is their daily participation as members of the morning announcements crew. 

The four were cited by Assistant Principal Brian Walker for turning something that could be ordinary into something extraordinary, with hallways buzzing with excited energy and contagious compassion and encouragement.

“These four students display character way beyond their years — their positive and inspiring voices fill the airways of the middle school every morning,” Walker said at a recent board of education meeting. “Each day they provide the building with words of wisdom, leadership quotes and inspirational stories.” 

Interim Principal James Nolan and Walker are encouraging the group to join in the discussions for future leadership moments and the student-driven leadership club.