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Katz Institute for Women’s Health

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Mather Hospital in Port Jefferson has been awarded a $25,000 Innovation Grant Award from the Katz Institute for Women’s Health (KIWH) to pilot an Integrative Oncology Program that will focus on both the physical and mental pain of cancer patients.

“Pain management is cited by the American Cancer Society as a top priority for oncology patients, as the physical attributes of the diagnosis and treatment of cancer are amplified by emotional and spiritual suffering,” KIWH stated in awarding the grant. 

The Community Integrative Care Oncology program aims to expand community access to evidence-based integrative care modalities for women with an oncology/hematology diagnosis.

“We will be providing acupuncture, meditation, reiki, nurse coaching, aromatherapy, etc. to women with an active cancer diagnosis or women who are survivors of cancer,” said Marie O’Brien, NP, Coordinator and Nurse Practitioner for Mather Hospital’s Integrative Pain Management Program. Nurses in the program include Patricia Dodd, NP, Maria Rubino, NP, and Margaret Scharback, RN. 

Patients will register through Patient Access for the services, which will be offered at the hospital. The services will be offered free of charge to participants.

O’Brien said the staff has received additional training and plans to launch the clinic in April.