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Farmingville/Holtsville paving project

Brookhaven Councilman Kevin LaValle and Highway Superintendent Dan Losquadro in front of Waverly Avenue School. Photo from TOB

Brookhaven Town Highway Superintendent Daniel P. Losquadro and Councilman Kevin LaValle have announced the completion of a six-road paving project in Farmingville/Holtsville.

Prior to paving, a combination of in-house crews and outside contractors completed extensive concrete improvements, inspecting and installing new drains and repairing and replacing damaged concrete curbing and aprons. Crews removed and replaced 7,842 square feet of concrete aprons, 8,594 square feet of sidewalk, 3,340 linear feet of concrete curb, and 1,612 square feet of ADA-compliant handicap ramps. The $44,963 cost to replace the existing handicap ramps within this project and bring them into ADA compliance was covered by a grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Human Services.

Roads resurfaced during this paving project include Ann Lane, Brian Avenue, Frances Boulevard, Leonard Street, and Washington Avenue North in Holtsville, and Waverly Avenue from County Road 16 to the Long Island Expressway North Service Road in Farmingville and Holtsville.

The total cost for this paving project was approximately $1.2 million.

“Waverly Avenue and Washington Avenue are two main arteries running through this area. In addition, Waverly Avenue sits in a school zone. These roadways are now safer and smoother for buses, school staff, parents, students, pedestrians, bicyclists and all those who travel them,” said Superintendent Losquadro.

“I want to thank the Highway Superintendent for making this project a priority in this year’s paving schedule. Infrastructure projects are extremely important to our residents, especially when it comes to the safety of our children in school zones. As a Town Board, we need to remain focused on funding infrastructure projects like this to continue to improve the quality of life of our residents in the Town of Brookhaven.” added Councilman LaValle.