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James Robitsek, and Setauket Patriot supporters, rally outside Village Hall in Port Jefferson in November. File photo by Julianne Mosher

The Setauket Patriots — who have headed several marches and caravans across the North Shore of Long Island in support of President Donald Trump (R) — have lost their Facebook page and are now operating under a private group account. 

James Robitsek, founder of the group, said that last week 200 members of his group gathered on four charter buses to visit the Capitol on Jan. 6, with an extra 100 members driving themselves to the rally.

“The actions by those storming the Capitol building [Jan. 6] should not be tolerated, are condemned, and were not conducted by any of the members that came on our buses to attend a peaceful protest. He said the Setauket Patriots page, that holds more than 20,000 members, was taken down by Facebook. The private group is still online. 

“The group will remain, and we will continue to hold community events like we have in the past,” he said.

Robitsek added that “false information that is being disseminated on social media, mischaracterizing members of our group is hateful and vengeful and just plain wrong. Just as violence and domestic terrorism will not be tolerated, we also will not allow other groups to violate and slander good-hearted citizens that love our America.” 

Additional reporting from Rita Egan