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Yaphank Fuel Cell Park

Supervisor Ed Romaine has announced that the Yaphank Fuel Cell Park at the Brookhaven Landfill is now fully operational, generating 7.4 megawatts of energy from three SureSource 3000 carbonate fuel cell power plants. The fuel cell facility will provide continuous reliable electricity to the growing area of the LIPA system in Yaphank and will provide sufficient power for 7,500 homes.

Supervisor Romaine said, “The Yaphank Fuel Cell Park is the Town’s first step in our transition from landfill to an energy park. The fuel cells, along with solar fields and harvested methane gas, will repurpose the landfill when it stops accepting waste after 2024 and is capped and closed. Our forward-looking plan will establish Brookhaven Town as a municipal leader in alternative energy sources.”

In its simplest form, a hydrogen fuel cell creates electricity by combining hydrogen gas and oxygen to form water. The electricity is then used to power the grid. Electricity, clean water and warm air are the only byproducts, making hydrogen fuel cells a sustainable form of energy. The Yaphank Fuel Cell Park power generation facility is located on approximately 0.93 acres in the southern portion of the landfill. FuelCell Energy, Inc. developed, installed and will operate the facility.

Fuel Cells are an electrochemical power generation technology that convert the energy in directly to electricity without combustion. There are no combustion-related pollutants such as NOx, SOx and particulates. The project will be interconnected to LIPA’s existing transmission system via a new dedicated distribution feeder from the site. The electrical connection is being provided by PSEG- LI and natural gas is being served by National Grid. Electric and gas service to the site by the utilities is complete.