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Terryville Elementary School

Schools in the Comsewogue district are getting a facelift before school starts up. Photo from Comsewogue School District

By Deniz Yildirim

New school year, new(er) schools! 

The Comsewogue School District is working hard to get ready for the 2021 school year with some major updates. 

A state-mandated five-year building conditions (and recommended improvements) report was unanimously accepted by the Comsewogue School District Board of Education on March 5, 2018. 

In an effort to improve district facilities, construction is underway to improve health, safety and infrastructure.

Photo from Comsewogue School District

According to the school’s website the proposed bond will secure “facility improvements [which will] preserve the integrity of the school buildings, address repairs, improve instructional resources for all and upgrade athletic facilities.”

Come September, students will find new art rooms, smoother curbsides and new classroom cabinets. 

“I’m pleased with the progress” said Jennifer Quinn, superintendent of schools. “But we still have a lot of work to do.” 

The art room at Terryville Road Elementary School has been completely gutted and supplies have been weeded, organized and await new storage shelves. 

“After the challenges of last year, a new art room for students to be creative is just what we need,” said Terryville principal Annemarie Sciove. 

Parking lot renovations at the high school, a new lobby at JFK Middle School and additional receptacles at Clinton Avenue Elementary School are among some of the specific projects underway this summer. 

Comsewogue regularly posts updates on Instagram and the school website so community members can see what’s happening. 

“It’s important to share our work and let the community know what’s happening with our schools,” said Don Heberer, administrator for instructional technologies and overseer of the school’s website. 

More pictures, videos and detailed information including comprehensive facts and figures can be found on comsewogue.k12.ny.us.

Deniz Yildirim is a librarian at the Terryville Road Elementary School.

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Nicole Haff’s students hang on to the walls of Terryville elementary as part of a project to increase togetherness when everyone remains seperate. Photo by Deniz Yildirim

By Deniz Yildirim

It’s safe to say that many of us are looking forward to the end of 2020, no one more so than teachers. Last school year was disrupted by COVID-19 and this school year had a challenging start for the same reason. Teachers had to think outside of the box to reinvent every part of their day to accommodate safe practices like social distancing; could you imagine story time without gathering your class on a carpet or learning your students names without seeing their faces?  

Despite all of these challenges, Comsewogue schools are making it work, and are creating some much needed cheer for the holidays. For the past six years Terryville Road Elementary School has hosted a door decorating contest and produced some truly genius and show stopping doors. Since classes have been split into two groups, the obvious theme was “We are seperate together.” This year students worked “together” to decorate pieces which they applied to the door. With the help of teachers and aids, classes created delightful and creative doors like Jackie Dunn’s 4th grade class. They decorated both doors and included the space between them to make a mountain landscape with a zipline which students are riding into each others’ room. 

Even virtual students were able to participate. Annemarie Sciove, the Terryville elementary principal, compiled pictures of finished school doors and included pictures from virtual students which was then presented to the school during an in school virtual assembly. 

“It’s very important to remember we are together even if we can’t see each other.” Sciove said. 

In keeping with that mindset, the school donated over $1,000 to families in need during this difficult time. Superintendent Jennifer Quinn makes a point to visit every school during this hectic time and this year her nephew has joined the Terryville family. She said, “Terryville never ceases to amaze me! The doors are a visual representation of  what we are doing with our hearts.”

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The students at Terryville Elementary School were excited for Superbowl 54, and they’ve thought of a generous way to show support for their favorite team.

The student council decided to play their own “Souperbowl,” by decorating large boxes to represent the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs and then asked their peers to fill them with soups and other foods. Whichever team collects the most food will win the Souperbowl.

So far, the students have collected over 200 items and it looks like they will be going into “overtime” and continue collecting until next week. At that time the food will go to local food pantries like St. Gerard Majella Roman Catholic Church in Port Jefferson Station or the pantry at the Comsewogue High School. Student Council advisor Gail Ports said, “this has to be the best game ever because everybody wins.”