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sticking to a schedule

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Sticking to a schedule is good for health, wellness and productivity, and the start of a new year is the perfect time to form great habits. Resolve to adhere to a daily routine with the following tips and tricks:

• Write it down: The act of writing things down can help reinforce priorities. Keep a list of short- and long-term goals, events and meetings. Be sure to check items off your list as you complete them. Doing so can help you stay motivated.

• Get a good watch: Keep yourself accountable with a good watch. The line-up of Edifice watches by Casio are not only stylish, they contain must-have productivity features, such as multiple alarms, as well as countdown timers displaying the remaining time until the alarm beeps. They also connect with your smartphone and offer cool, sync-up features that help you keep your essentials organized, such as “phone finder.” If you prefer a sportier timepiece, Pro Trek watches offer similar alarm features, along with step counters and sensor technology like altimeters, compasses and more, all of which are great for hikes, fishing expeditions and other outdoor activities.

• Keep it consistent: Keep both bedtime and the time you awake consistent day-to-day. Doing so can mean better quality slumber so you will be more alert, energized and ready to tackle tasks. Consistent meal times can also be beneficial, helping you maintain your energy throughout the day, manage metabolism and avoid hunger.

• Don’t overdo it: It can be tempting to try to schedule more tasks and to-dos into your day than is actually realistic. Doing so however can leave you feeling constantly stressed, and always in catch-up mode. Be sure your schedule offers you sufficient time to actually complete tasks and travel between appointments.

• Practice self-care: Downtime is essential. Whatever self-care looks like to you, be sure to build it into your schedule, whether that means relaxing with a good book, getting together with friends or working out.

Make 2022 the year you finally create and maintain a well-balanced schedule. With wearable tech and smart habits, you’ll be more inclined to stick with the program.