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St. Patrick’s Day party

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It may be a celebration in honor of a patron saint of Ireland, but you don’t have to be Irish to join the revelry that marks each St. Patrick’s Day. This year, gather some friends for a party that brings a bit of luck o’ the Irish to all.

Perfect Party Menu

It’s just not a party without a scrumptious spread of eats and drinks, and an occasion like St. Patrick’s Day makes it fun to plan your menu. From green frosted cookies to a green-hued punch, countless options are available. A buffet-style meal allows guests to nibble as they wish and enjoy a wide range of foods.

Be sure to think beyond the food itself and also consider how you can get creative in serving it. For example, a hearty stew might be served in bowls that resemble pots of gold. Or display traditional finger foods, such as slices of cucumber, on a platter in the shape of a shamrock.

Try creating a signature cocktail for the affair using a classic green liquor like Midori, sour apple schnapps or rum, or even a creme de menthe.

A Theme to Celebrate

With so many prominent icons associated with the holiday, decorating is probably one of the easiest aspects of your party planning. There’s no shortage of images that scream St. Patty’s Day: shamrocks, rainbows, pots of gold, leprechauns, top hats and more. You might choose just one for your party’s theme or create an everything-is-more ensemble that celebrates all things Irish.

For a more subtle approach, simply think green. Lots and lots of green. From streamers to balloons to photo booth props, if it’s green, it will fit your theme. You can use plants to add greenery in elegant ways, green table and glassware for festive dining and even green-hued lighting for an all-Irish ambiance.

 Festive Fun

Sure, the food and drinks are a big part of the party fun, but St. Patrick’s Day also lends itself to some playful party entertainment. A soundtrack with classic Irish tunes is an ideal backdrop. You might invite guests to compete in a limerick writing contest or a scavenger hunt to find prizes like gold-covered chocolate coins and a candy-filled pot of gold.

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