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Resolution 208-2021

Legislator Nick Caracappa (right) with Suffolk County Chief of Police Stuart Cameron

Suffolk County Legislator Nick Caracappa recently attended a press conference at Suffolk Transportation in Ronkonkoma to promote Suffolk County’s School Bus Safety Camera Program.

Legislator Caracappa observes a school bus with the illuminated stop sign.

The purpose of the press conference was to inform Suffolk County residents of Resolution 208-2021, which Legislator Caracappa co-sponsored and was approved by unanimous vote as “a local law to strengthen the county’s school bus photo violation monitoring program.” The law, which will take effect on May 1, 2021 will allow cameras to be placed on school buses to capture photos of vehicles attempting to pass stopped school buses.

“I was pleased to co-sponsor this bill as it will provide additional safety measures for families and their children across Suffolk County. We are attempting to change the habits of thousands of reckless and distracted drivers who continue to pass stopped school buses while their lights are flashing and stop signs extended,” said Leg. Caracappa.

“This was a true multi-community effort to bring this law forward. I would like to thank those organizations who participated in this monumental legislation, including our PTA’s, School Boards, Superintendents, School Bus Drivers and our Police, to name a few. I’m proud to have worked with my colleagues in the Suffolk County Legislature to pass this bill unanimously as this was not about politics, it was about protecting the children within our respective communities.”