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By Michael Ardolino

Michael Ardolino

Today’s buyers are looking for a home they can move right into. I wrote briefly about preparing your house in our May column. This month let’s take a closer look at what you need to do to get your house ready to sell.

Be proactive

Considering selling your home in the fall or winter months? Early summer is the perfect time to get your house ready.

In the long run, doing repairs now can save you money. You can compare prices when hiring someone to do the job or looking for material to do the work yourself.

Ready to go

With demanding careers and long commutes, some buyers don’t have the time for a fixer-upper. Also, take a fresh look at your space. Understand people are looking for rooms or dedicated space for a home office and for their children to take virtual classes and study.

First impressions

First impressions are everything. A well-manicured lawn will capture a potential buyer’s eye immediately. Mow the grass, trim the bushes and trees and weed the garden regularly. Carefully inspect pools, fences, doors, gutters and roofs for damage. And if you can’t pull a car into the garage, it’s time to sift through the junk. Rent a dumpster, or better yet, check out social media groups where you post your items for neighbors to pick up, such as the freecycle pages on Facebook.

You may not need to paint the exterior of your house, but power washing it and a fresh coat of paint on the front door can make a difference.

Just think, if you start working on the outside now, you can enjoy it yourself while you’re relaxing by the pool or out on the deck or porch.

Working on the inside

Once you’re done with the outside, take a good look at the inside of your house. Buyers tend to love a minimalist style.

Take a look at websites such as Pottery Barn for fresh, simple decorating ideas. Search through apps such as Pinterest for trending home colors for 2021. These colors tend to be on the lighter side. There are some beautiful neutral shades and blue tones out there. When compared to darker shades, the new colors can give your home a more modern look.


When thinking about selling your home, stay tuned to the news. Last Saturday, U.S. Secretary of Treasury Janet Yellen said inflation could climb as high as 3% this year. This is a trend we may see as the economy recovers from the adverse effects of COVID-19. However, she has also been quoted in The Washington Post as saying nothing is set in stone.

“We’ll watch this very carefully, keep an eye on it and try to address issues that arise if it turns out to be necessary,” she said.

I’ll be keeping an eye on this, too, and delve into more real estate news, trends and tips in future columns.

So, let’s talk. 

Michael Ardolino is the Founder/Owner-Broker of Realty Connect USA.