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Legislator Stephanie Bontempi (wearing sunflower towards rear of group) with colleagues from multiple levels of government, trade union members and leaders. Photo courtesy of Bontempi's office

On Friday, March 25th, Legislator Stephanie Bontempi (Centerport) joined with a wide variety of elected officials from the town, county and state levels to call on the governor to prevent a ban on fuel connections in new construction.  Standing side-by-side with the electeds were trade union members and leaders, who spelled out very clearly what such a ban would mean – the loss of jobs and technologies that do not yet have full replacements.

“Although we can all confidently say that we are committed to the environment, we have to be realistic and fair in the policies we put in place,” said Bontempi.  “Seeing the increasing use of cleaner energy technologies is a positive thing, but we cannot pretend that everything older can be replaced overnight.  Newer technologies replacing older ones need to be adopted in stages so that we can properly adapt to the changes and ensure we are getting a better product or service in the end.”

Essentially, some of the proposals being considered by New York State lawmakers include banning the installation of natural gas and/or mixed use fuel connections in new construction by the year 2024.  Proposals of this nature are raising the ire of many in communities across the state who rely on fuels such as natural gas in a time when oil prices are rising quickly.

“We have to look at the needs of the people and balance them with the capabilities of the technologies that are available both new and old.  Doing anything less is shortsighted and dangerous,” added Bontempi.