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Photo from Leslie Gang

This past weekend Judy Farabaugh, a representative from the Northport Rotary, along with several members of the community group, delivered 200 boxes containing 10,000 books to the home of Hindi’s Libraries co-founder, Leslie Gang, a result of their latest book drive.  The rotary, whose mission includes supporting education and promoting literacy, has been a supporter of Hindi’s Libraries since the organization’s inception.

Over 10,000 books were collected.

In addition to the book donations, Hindi’s Libraries received a generous contribution of $2,000 from the Northport Rotary to assist with shipping costs the nonprofit may incur.

Hindi’s Libraries is a 501c3 international nonprofit that donates new and gently used children’s books all over the world, spanning across 50 states, Israel, India, Puerto Rico, Haiti and Africa. Books are sent to recipients, completely free of charge, as the nonprofit absorbs all fees associated with shipping. Since the organization’s inception in 2018, they have collected more than 250,000 books and partnered with 650 organizations worldwide. 

All books are dedicated in memory of Dr. Hindi Krinsky, 32 year old educator and mother of 5 who suddenly passed away in August of 2018 due to complications from Crohn’s disease. For more information, visit www.hindislibraries.org.