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Photo by Gerard Romano


Gerard Romano of Port Jefferson Station was in the right place at the right time when he snapped this photo on Oct. 5. He writes, ‘I was at the end of the bulkhead at Satterly Park in Mount Sinai. To my left a great egret was taking off. Its wings made quite a commotion. I zoomed my lens out to 300 mm and was able to capture it as it flew by.’

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Gerard Romano of Port Jefferson Station was walking along Van Brunt Manor road in Poquott on April 22 when this great egret popped its head out of the reeds. He writes, ‘I am not a wildlife photographer, but I gave this bird a go with my new Nikon 70-300mm lens. He was very elusive, but I managed to capture a photo of his pretty face.’


Joe Kelly (www.joekayaker.com) captured this photo of a great egret in breeding colors and plumage at Frank Melville Memorial Park in Setauket on April 18. He writes, ‘You really can’t see much of the plumage in this shot but just look at the green in its face. Even the Hulk would be impressed with that color! Frank Melville Park is a good place to catch these guys in action. Come down to the park and take a stroll. It’s a beautiful place.’

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