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first presidential debate 2024

Pixabay photo.

By Ava Himmelsbach

Among growing anticipation to hear the plans and propositions of the United States presidential candidates, the long-awaited first presidential debate for the 2024 election is scheduled to take place this Thursday, June 27.

With this political face-off right around the corner, TBR had a question for locals: “What topics would you like to see addressed in Thursday’s presidential debate?”

Photos by Ava Himmelsbach

Muriel and Patricia, Smithtown 

Muriel and Patricia are interested to see how the candidates will address various relevant topics. “Well, number one is immigration,” Patricia mentioned. “Climate control is important,” Muriel later brought up.

Additionally, Muriel and Patricia shared that they would like to hear about the economy in the presidential debate. They are curious to hear how the candidates will speak about topics such as the housing market, Wall Street and student loans.

Barbara Thompson and Kevin Thompson, Islip

Barbara Thompson and Kevin Thompson, Former Islip residents now residing in Florida. They hope to hear conversations free of banter and full of respect in the upcoming debate. “There should always be things on the docket regarding our educational systems and our welfare systems, of course,” Kevin noted. “And the subject of firearms, it’s all a very debatable thing, but no one seems to be making any decisions regarding it. They all seem to be fighting over it.” Barbara added that she and Kevin now reside close to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, a place devastated by a mass shooting in 2018. This tragedy has contributed to their attention to the topic of firearm ownership.

Among these concerns and curiosities involving the topic of firearms, Barbara and Kevin also stated that they hope Thursday’s debate includes topics of social security for the future, welfare for the elderly and aid for immigration.

Nancy and Paul

Nancy and Paul highlighted their interest in topics related to immigration and the economy, as well as oil and its sources. They are both curious to see how the subject of the economy will be addressed in the debate. Paul specified that he is interested to hear more about economic changes that may arise under the elected candidate. 

Nancy and Paul declined for their picture to be taken or other personal information to be included.

Mike and Kristen, Port Jefferson 

Mike emphasized “dealing with foreign affairs” as the primary topic that he hopes is discussed in the debate. He mentioned the need for attention toward the country’s global relations, noting his interest in “strengthening our relationships overseas” and “eliminating the possibilities of going to war.”

“Mental health concerns for everyone should be covered,” added Kristen. They both agreed that access to health care, including care for mental health, should be addressed.