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Beginning of the ‘color run’ at Ward Melville High School. Photo courtesy the Three Village School District’s Instagram

By Katherine Kelton

On Saturday, May 4, the Ward Melville Parent Teacher Student Association hosted a Star Wars-themed color run. The event welcomed all members of the Three Village Community, including all ages, from 2 to 4 p.m. for a one-and-a-half mile run around the perimeter of Ward Melville High School. Younger children ran a shorter quarter-mile lap around the track field. 

The full course went through the woods, the back parking lot, the front of the school, and back onto the track field where it began. Complementary water bottles were given to runners after finishing. 

Assistant Principal Michael Jantzen along with parent and staff volunteers ran the event. Students from the new T.E.A.M W.A.R.D club, targeting emotional and mental wellness and recovery development, also worked at the event. 

One T.E.A.M W.A.R.D member, junior Jason Stiles, shared, “Working at the event was a great experience. I got to throw color powder at runners and make them smile.”

Students were stationed at various points throughout the course with colored powder to toss at the runners. Star Wars-themed music also played to pay homage to the “May the Fourth Be With You” holiday. 

Upon check-in, runners received a white event-labeled T-shirt that cost $20 along with registration. The proceeds of the event went directly back to the students. “Knowing that the color run was going toward a good cause, in the senior scholarship fund, felt good helping out,” Stiles said.

“The turnout was great. I didn’t expect to see as many young kids, but a lot of middle school and high school kids showed up as well,” Soraya Masrour, a student who participated in the run said. 

Many kids stayed after the run to play in colored powder and run around the football field. The weather was incredibly nice, making it the perfect day to get outside and active.