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Suffolk County Police arrested a father and son for multiple counts of animal cruelty after
more than two dozen cats were found in hoarding conditions at their residence in Islip on Jan. 17.

Suffolk County Police Third Precinct Crime Section officers responded to the home on Lake St. in Islip
following reports of animal cruelty. Officers observed several loose cats outside the residence and
noticed a strong ammonia odor coming from inside the residence.

The cats inside the residence were overcrowded, with sparse food and no water. Investigators seized five
cages and two containers containing 26 cats. The cats were brought to the Islip Animal Shelter for

Following an investigation, Gary Verga, 72, and Daniel Verga, 39, were arrested on January 17 at
approximately 7:20 p.m. They were each charged with ten counts of Failing to Provide Proper
Sustenance to an Animal and ten counts of Failing to Provide Proper Food and Drink to an Impounded
Animal, under the Agriculture and Markets Law. They were issued Desk Appearance Tickets and are
scheduled for arraignment at First District Court in Central Islip on January 19.

Third Precinct Crime Section officers were assisted by the Biological Environmental Animal Safety
Team (BEAST), the Islip Town Fire Marshal, Islip Town Building Inspector, Islip Town HAZMAT and
the Islip Fire Department.

A criminal charge is an accusation. A defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.

After an investigation, detectives from the Suffolk County SPCA have charged a Lake Grove woman with animal cruelty charges for allowing a dog to be left inside of a van for 5 1/2 hours on a 90 degree day, causing the dog’s death.
Roy Gross, Chief of the Suffolk SPCA said that its detectives charged Jodi Meyers, 51, of Lake Grove, with one count of animal cruelty and one count of failing to provide proper shelter and air for a 3-year-old black Labrador retriever dog named “Milton” in her care and custody, both misdemeanor charges. Meyers, an employee of the Guide Dog Foundation, had taken the dog out for training on July 22 but instead left the dog inside of a crate in a work van while the temperature outside was approximately 90 degrees. The dog was found dead 5 1/2 hours later.
Meyers surrendered to SPCA detectives on Sept. 21, and is scheduled to appear in First District Court, Central Islip, on Oct. 11..
Animal cruelty will not be tolerated in Suffolk County. If you witness any incident of animal cruelty or neglect in Suffolk County please contact the Suffolk County SPCA at 631-382-7722.
A criminal charge is an accusation. A defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.

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Suffolk County Police have arrested a man for animal cruelty in Selden.

On March 4, Suffolk County Police 6th Precinct Crime Section officers received a complaint of possible animal cruelty, where a puppy was brought to an animal hospital with severe injuries.

Daniel Keelan brought his chocolate Labrador named Coco to the hospital on March 3, and told the staff Coco was struck by a vehicle. The hospital staff determined Coco’s injuries were not consistent with being struck by a vehicle and called law enforcement.

Investigation by 6th Precinct Crime Section officers revealed Keelan threw Coco against a wall, and punched and kicked the dog in front of his two children at his home at 40 Cedar Street on March 2 at approximately 11:30 p.m.

Coco suffered a fracture to his distal femur, fracture to mid shaft tibia, and multiple broken ribs. The femur and tibia injuries required emergency surgery, requiring placing pins and a metal plate to repair.

Sixth Precinct Crime Section officers executed a search warrant today and retrieved a four-month old silver Labrador Retriever named Lucky. Keelan was arrested tonight at approximately 5:30 p.m.

Lucky was brought to a local animal hospital to be examined. Coco is staying at the veterinary hospital recovering. Lucky will be transported to the Brookhaven Animal Shelter upon release from the veterinary hospital.

Keelan, 35, was charged with Aggravated Cruelty to Animals, and two counts of Endangering the Welfare of a Child. He was held overnight at the 6th Precinct and was scheduled to be arraigned at First District Court in Central Islip on March 6.

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A Mount Sinai man was arrested Thursday, Nov. 14 for allegedly shooting at a neighbor’s cats with a pellet gun, one of which led the cat to need to be euthanized.

Suffolk County Police said a resident of Puritan Drive in Mount Sinai noticed one of his cats was walking with a limp in early September and a veterinarian determined it had been shot with a pellet gun. The cat was euthanized. The resident called police Nov. 14 at around 9 a.m. after he noticed two of his other cats were limping and a veterinarian determined they also had been shot. The cats are being treated for injuries.

Following an investigation, police determined the victim’s neighbor, Clifford Nagel, 72, of 27 Puritan Ave., shot the three cats with a pellet gun. Suffolk County Police and the Suffolk County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals arrested Nagel at his home.

6th Precinct officers and detectives from the SCSPCA charged Nagel with three counts of Aggravated Cruelty to Animals, a class E Felony under the New York State Agriculture and Markets Law. Nagel was issued a desk appearance ticket and is scheduled for arraignment at a later date.

Attorney information for Nagel was not immediately available.

Melissa Buchanan mugshot from SCPD

A woman was charged with animal cruelty after police found a dog dead and several other animals that had not been cared for in her home.

Officers responded to an apartment on Beverly Road in South Huntington on Thursday night after a landlord reported hearing a dog excessively barking and “realizing she had not seen her tenant for a few days,” the Suffolk County Police Department said in a statement. The responders found two miniature Australian shepherd dogs, one of them dead, as well as two lizards and a cat — all of which had not been cared for, police said.

The tenant, 27-year-old Melissa Buchanan, returned while police were at the scene and “admitted to police she had not been home for several days.”

She was charged with six counts of animal cruelty for allegedly abandoning the animals.

Attorney information for Buchanan was not immediately available Friday morning.

Huntington Town’s animal control department took possession of the surviving dog and cat, while the Suffolk County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, which worked with the police to bring charges against Buchanan, made arrangements for the lizards.

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Three horses reportedly found ‘emaciated and sick’

One of the horses is so sick, its ribs are visible through the skin. Photo from Suffolk SPCA

The Suffolk County SPCA has charged a Hauppauge woman with animal cruelty after her horses were found to be emaciated and sick.

Helen Malazzo. Photo from Suffolk SPCA
Helen Malazzo. Photo from Suffolk SPCA

SPCA Chief Roy Gross said that Helen Malazzo, 61, of Hauppauge, kept three horses at a boarding facility at 193 South St., Manorville, that had no running water on the property. After being examined by a veterinarian, one of the horses was found to be so sick and emaciated that he wasn’t sure it would survive without immediate veterinary care, Gross said. The other two horses were also allegedly neglected. 

Gross also said that the SPCA seized all three horses and they are now in foster care receiving the proper attention. Malazzo returns to First District Court in Central Islip on Oct. 5.

Gross asked the public to help cover the veterinary care for the three horses by making donations to the Suffolk County SPCA. All donations are tax deductible to the extend permitted by law.

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Suffolk County Police arrested two men and charged them with aggravated animal cruelty after retrieving a pair of badly injured dogs from a Huntington yard in “squalid” condition last Thursday, police said.

The men, Errol James, 55, of Denmark Court in Huntington and Derrick Simon, 54, of Nostrand Avenue in Central Islip, were arrested and charged with torturing and injuring animals. Police said the two dogs were kept at James’ home in “squalid and unsanitary conditions with no food or water,” and in a kennel “contaminated with feces and debris.”

When Huntington Town Animal Shelter Director Jerry Mosca got to the scene, he said he observed the two dogs, a female German shepherd and a male black and white pit bull, “killing each other in the backyard.” Shelter officials took the dogs to an animal hospital in Northport.

“I don’t know how you can come home, no matter who you are as a human being, to see the shape these dogs are in and actually live with yourself,” Mosca said. “I just don’t. I don’t get it.”

The pit bull’s ear was torn off, and an eye was punctured, and it had lacerations all over its face and body, Mosca said. The German shepherd had puncture wounds all over its legs and torso, severe ear infections and was “bleeding profusely,” he said.

“Just both of them were in very poor shape, dirty, feces on them.” Mosca said.

As of Wednesday, the dogs were back in the shelter and were doing much better and are showing signs of being friendly with humans, he said.

“They’re healing up great. They’re really showing signs of being healthy.”

The two men were arraigned on Friday. Larry Flowers, a Huntington attorney representing James, had no comment. Attorney information for Simon was not available.