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75th anniversary

Submitted by William Mountzouros

On April 20,  the Smithtown Masonic Lodge marked a significant milestone as it celebrated the 75th anniversary and re-dedication of its building located at 34 River road in Smithtown. Since its inception in 1948, the lodge has been an integral part of the Smithtown community, serving as a beacon of fellowship, charity, and service.

The anniversary celebration was attended by numerous members of the Smithtown community, including business leaders and residents who have long benefited from the lodge’s events and philanthropic endeavors. Among the distinguished guests were representatives from the Grand Lodge of the State of New York, Grand Chapter of the State of New York, and delegates from other lodges across the state.

A highlight of the event was also a solemn re-dedication ceremony of a concordant body of Royal Arch Masonry, Asharokan Chapter No. 288 that celebrated its 125th year.

These Masonic organizations continue to be committed to the principles of brotherhood and community service. As part of the ceremony, a time capsule was also sealed, containing artifacts and memorabilia from the lodge’s history, to be opened during its 100th and 150th anniversary in 2048, providing future generations with a glimpse into the rich heritage of Freemasonry in Smithtown.

Freemasonry, a fraternal organization, is dedicated to fostering brotherhood and aiding those in need, has a long and storied history dating back centuries. Its members, known as Freemasons, are united by shared values and a commitment to helping others, both within their organization and in the broader community. With a presence in various forms around the world, Freemasonry continues to uphold its tradition of service and fellowship, exemplified by institutions like these.

As the Smithtown Masonic Lodge and Asharokan Chapter commemorate these milestone anniversaries they remain dedicated to the service of the Smithtown community. Its members look forward to continuing their mission of promoting goodwill, charity, and brotherhood for many years to come.

The staff at Play Groups School

By Donna Newman

There’s something unique about a preschool that is still serving children on the North Shore of Long Island three quarters of a century after its founding. Through the years, Play Groups School became a family tradition for many in the area, with two or more generations counted among the school’s “graduates.”

On Saturday, Feb. 29, Play Groups School will celebrate 75 years of offering generations of students their first school experience with a Gala at The Old Field Club in Setauket. Invitations were sent to all those for whom contact information was available, including former teachers, former students and their parents. More than 110 people plan to attend.

The Play Groups saga began in 1944 when a group of parents decided to organize a “play group” where their children could learn through play with their peers. According to Brookhaven Town Historian Barbara Russell, whose brother was a member of the group in 1949, the children met at a small cottage near the Old Field Club. Perhaps that is why it was called the Old Field Nursery School in the early days. The first teachers were Dora Underwood of Port Jefferson and Joan Cockshutt of Setauket.

Play Groups was formally organized in 1974 when it was awarded an Absolute Charter by the New York State Department of Education and granted not-for-profit status from the IRS via a 501(c)(3) determination letter.

By 1986 the school was moved to its current location on Old Post Road in East Setauket, a building designed specifically for preschoolers. The school earned licensing by the New York State Office of Children and Family Services in 1992, and accreditation by the NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) in 1997. 

Play Groups Director Maddy Friedman has been at the helm for the last three decades, during which she has introduced many new ideas and concepts that keep the school continually evolving as times change. Yet, she says. the original focus remains unchanged.

“It has been my honor and privilege to lead Play Groups School these many years,” said Friedman. “While striving to stay abreast of current research and best practices, some things  have remained constant throughout. For young children play is essential for learning. It’s the way to develop creativity, curiosity, problem solving, social and emotional skills – and a lifelong love of learning. Our highly trained staff embrace this philosophy; they are at the core of our longevity and success. Our parents bring their time and talents to the classrooms and to the board.”

Friedman went on to describe one of her favorite innovations – one she feels is an extraordinary addition to the Play Groups program. “Acknowledging young children’s fascination with the natural world, nine years ago we added an  Outdoor Classroom to our facility,” said Friedman. “Through a collaborative effort, we created a space to encourage this relationship and engender a sense of stewardship the children will carry with them throughout their lives.”

Much more than a school, Play Groups is a family. 

Now retired Play Groups Business Manager Kathy Rademacher spent more than 25 years working at the school. She spoke of the deep, long-term relationships formed between Friedman and so many of her students and their families. “Play Groups played such an enormous role in my family’s story,” Rademacher said. “My son attended the preschool for three years, later completed his Eagle Scout project at the school, and worked at the summer camp as a lifeguard and counselor. Now, my son and his beloved – they met in the “Raccoon Room” in 1992 – are making wedding plans!” 

There are many stories of lasting friendships created at Play Groups School and Friedman expressed her pleasure and gratitude about that.

“It has been my personal joy to develop relationships with the children and their families over the years,” said Friedman. “Many staff members (both school and camp) were parents or students here at Play Groups. We so appreciate the trust that families have placed in us.”

School board members Sarah Russell Funt and Heather Snyder Ippolito are creating a walk down Memory Lane for the Gala. Funt is preparing a slideshow of photos taken over the past 75 years. Her husband Jared is a Play Groups alum and all their children have been, are, or will be Play Groups students as well. 

Ippolito is creating a display of memorabilia gathered over the years. A new member of the Play Groups family, she and husband Chris look forward to beginning the tradition for their family.

At the heart of the Play Groups tradition lies a goal common to both parents and staff, said Friedman. “We all share great respect for this magical time in a young child’s life and we work to make these preschool years full of memories to treasure.”

Photos courtesy of Play Groups School