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License, registration and wish list please.

Suffolk County Police Officer Alberto Acevedo made several traffic stops throughout Patchogue this weekend, though drivers were surprised with a holiday plot twist.

“Good morning; I’m Santa Claus from the Fifth Precinct,” Officer Acevedo explained as drivers faces lit up.

The officer, dressed as Santa, gave drivers holiday cheer and smiles instead of tickets.

In the passenger seat of a Suffolk County Police vehicle, Officer Acevedo picked families to pull over with Officer Brianne Yarborough by his side. Together, they gave away several Target gift cards and candy to unsuspecting drivers.

“I was getting yelled at at first, then, I noticed it was Santa,” said John Campbell, of Patchogue. Campbell said the traffic stop made his family very happy. “It’s a good start to Christmas and with our son in the car; it’s great.”

The officers also enjoyed the un-routine traffic stops.

“For once it’s a great feeling to pull cars over,” Yarborough said.  “A lot of times we pull them over and we’re the bearer of bad news. To see the faces of these children, you can’t beat that.”

Acevedo explained in full Santa garb.

“We’re dropping them a $50 gift card  to Target just to say Merry Christmas from the Police Department,” he said.  “It’s nice to see the kids eyes light up and the smiles on their faces; it’s fantastic.”