Sound Beach resident honored for community service

Sound Beach resident honored for community service

Members of the Sound Beach Civic Association during this month’s meeting. Photo by Julianne Mosher

During Sound Beach Civic Association’s recent meeting, a local resident was recognized for her community service and drive to help others. 

Ernestine Franco was honored by Leg. Sarah Anker. Photo by Julianne Mosher

On Saturday, Oct. 9, civic association member Ernestine Franco was surprised during the meeting when Suffolk County Legislator Sarah Anker (D-Mount Sinai) approached her with a county proclamation.

“I love your dedication to our well-being, while staying so humble,” Anker told Franco. “I’ve had a lot of folks that did not want to get any type of recognition. They see that as selfish, but actually it is a selfless way of being because you’re looking at other people, you’re trying to help other people and you inspire — you’re one of my inspirations.”

While working with the civic, Franco was instrumental in creating and publishing a local cookbook, “Signature Dishes of Sound Beach and Beyond,” for fundraising for a tribute to the frontline and essential workers of the COVID-19 pandemic at an adopted spot the civic takes care of on New York Avenue.  

“Sound Beach would not be the beautiful, great place that it is if it were not for you,” Anker said.