PJ Rotary honors Most Motivated Student of the Month

PJ Rotary honors Most Motivated Student of the Month

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Josef ‘Max’ Joyner with his social studies teacher Graceanne Fallon

At their Feb. 9 luncheon at Cafe Spiga in Mt. Sinai and via Zoom, members of the Port Jefferson Rotary Club welcomed their newest Most Motivated Student of the Month, Port Jefferson Middle School student Josef “Max” Joyner.  

Max was joined by proud guests including his parents, his social studies teacher Mrs. Graceanne Fallon and middle school principal Dr. Robert Neidig. 

It was Neidig who introduced the youngster and explained why the school’s faculty chose Max for this Rotary honor.  Max, who boasts an extremely high GPA, was praised by his teachers as a school leader who is always helpful in a respectful manner.  

His Algebra I teacher noted that Max “is always willing to offer insightful responses that are both thought-provoking and exhibit conceptual understanding of the topic.” 

Other teachers pointed out that Max helps and motivates his peers in all classes, is described as hardworking, conscientious, kind, a joy to teach — a student who is a very social person, a natural leader, who looks out not only for himself but also for the well-being of others.  

He completes his classwork thoroughly, and even requests extra work before vacations so that he can be better-prepared to learn more and build on previous learning upon the return to school.  

Last year, Max was a Science Olympiad participant.  He has endeared himself to all of his teachers who are thrilled to have this opportunity to honor him because he is such an exceptional, mature, dedicated student.  

Dr. Neidig summarized the reasons for celebrating Max. 

“His maturity, thirst for knowledge, compassionate nature, and leadership abilities will continue to propel him to accomplish great things in his schooling and beyond,” he said. “Thank you for inspiring all of us.”

Courtesy of the Port Jefferson Rotary Club