New pastry from Huntington steals the show

New pastry from Huntington steals the show

Gerard Fioravanti, creator of the Flagel, with a proclamation.

A Frenagel, a French croissant bagel, has become a new sensation in Huntington and across the nation. It’s the culinary brainchild of chefs at Fiorello Dolce, a bakery on Wall Street in Huntington. 

“It tastes like a bagel but so much lighter,” said Gerard Fioravanti, who created the dough. “The layers are light, airy and flaky, while the outside is baked to perfection with a crisp texture.”

In April, Fioravanti competed and won a baking competition with the Frenagel on the television series Bake You Rich, a Food Network program. 

The Town of Huntington recognized his achievement at its May board meeting and awarded him an inscribed plaque. 

“We used to make baked doughnuts at first, until chef Kristy Chiarelli wanted a bagel one morning, but didn’t want to go to the bagel store,” Fioravanti said. “So, I told her to get a raw doughnut from the freezer and let it proof to make it like a bagel.”

An hour later chef Kristy seasoned it with sesame, black sesame, poppy seeds and fleur de sel. She filled it with scallion cream cheese and the Frenagel was born. 

The Frenagel is available at Fiorello Dolce Patisserie in Huntington and online at and as well as in most Carlos bakery locations.