Kyle Hill announces run for Port Jefferson village trustee

Kyle Hill announces run for Port Jefferson village trustee

Port Jefferson village trustee candidate Kyle Hill. Photo courtesy Kyle Hill

By Aidan Johnson

Port Jefferson resident Kyle Hill has entered the race for village trustee.

Hill, who announced his bid on June 16, was originally a Democratic candidate for the 1st Congressional District, but suspended his campaign on Feb. 28, stating, “I will never be able to fully put into words my sincere gratitude and appreciation for the warm reception and excitement I received all across the district.”

After attending graduate school at Stony Brook University, he worked for Rep. Steve Israel (D-NY 2/3) on Capitol Hill. Hill has a background in public policy, with many of his projects extending across the aisle. He is also a volunteer EMT with the Port Jefferson EMS.

He decided to run for trustee after being encouraged to do so by Deputy Mayor Rebecca Kassay in order to “carry on her environmental legacy,” he said.

He stressed flooding as one of his major issues, describing how it is more than just an inconvenience.

“The fire department floods a lot … and it’s wild that we are just letting this happen without a solution coming to the forefront, because if the firehouse is flooded out how can they respond to emergencies, ” Hill said in an interview. 

While Hill was open to considering moving the firehouse, he noted that since the fire station has special district status the village could not tell them to move, and he also stated the importance of acknowledging what the firehouse members wanted.

However, he said that it was important to focus on alleviating the flooding itself, including by preserving open space in the village.

“I think it would be really great if we had a true census on what’s left of open space because if you hardscape everything, the water can’t seep back into the soil — and that’s what causes flooding because the water has no place to go,” Hill said.

Hill is joined by two other candidates, Xena Ugrinsky and Marie Parziale, for the two trustee seats, meaning that two out of the three candidates will be elected. He did not offer an opinion on Parziale as he had not yet met her, but said that he and Ugrinsky had a good working history together as they both worked on the elections task force.

He also advocates for keeping the school district open, adding that it is important for everyone to focus on solutions instead of arguments.

Hill believes that he could give a “young voice perspective” on the board of trustees. 

“I think me being on there would be an important perspective for the future of the village, and just being able to bring folks together and focus on the problems,” he said.