Editorial: Budgeting time to get involved

Editorial: Budgeting time to get involved

Photo by Pixabay

Next week, residents across Long Island will vote on what their next board of education and budgets should look like. 

Some districts have no unopposed runners, some have a handful of candidates vying for the same seat. 

We are happy to see that, although some districts within our area are having hostile debates, people have been interested in this upcoming year’s budget and the candidates running for the BOE seats. 

Oftentimes, parents and people in the community don’t know what’s going on until something happens — and that’s OK. Life is busy with working, raising a family and maintaining a social life — it can be hard to tune into a board meeting or flip through the pages of a proposed budget. 

But we’ve noticed this year that it seems a little bit different. Maybe it’s because of the COVID-19 pandemic, maybe people are more concerned than before. 

Whatever the reason is, we’re happy that residents are getting involved. 

Whether it’s voicing your opinions or concerns over a school board election, or preparing for the 2024 presidential election down the road, it’s important to exercise those rights. 

We have the luxury and the privilege to be a part of a democracy. People might not realize that the school board — that is “small” on the scale of things — has a huge impact on not just our children, but the community as a whole, especially regarding taxes 

Pay attention to these things, whether you have children in the district or not. Read the local news and pay attention to what’s going on.

If you don’t agree with something, prevention is key — complaining after the fact on a social media post won’t do much when everything is already set in stone. Your vote can make a difference.

School districts across our coverage areas will be holding budget votes and board of education elections Tuesday, May 18. Check your district’s website for details on times and locations, and continue visiting tbrnewsmedia.com for updates.