Heritage Park Smiley Face could use a facelift

Heritage Park Smiley Face could use a facelift

The Heritage Park Smiley Face. Photo from Fred Drewes

The daffodil Smiley Face on the north end of Heritage Park in Mount Sinai needs some freshening up. 

Located as drivers head east on Route 25A, the face has been there since volunteers of the Heritage Trust planted 2,500 daffodil bulbs on Oct. 12, 2012.

In spring 2013, the daffodils burst through the grass and began to form a smiley face.

Blooms of different varieties of daffodils started to bloom and young and old smiled when visiting the daffodils on the knoll. 

But then the blooming smiley face began to suffer.

Children wanted to pluck a flower and give it to a parent, or hold it for five minutes then cast the bloom aside. Running in and out and around the face was fun, but the plants were trampled. People would rip the blooms out to make their own bouquets.

All of this has resulted in a smiley face who looks somewhat sad looking. 

These acts have decreased the numbers of daffodils in the smiley face of Heritage Park.

The group is looking for a new set of community volunteers will plant new daffodils to heal the smiley face. 

If anyone has faded potted daffodils you could simply transplant them to the spot. 

Planting new bulbs in the fall would involve more planning and some sort of mapping where new bulbs are needed. 

If anyone wants to help the smiley face, they can contact the Heritage Trust.