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Cathy Taldone Cammann of Shoreham snapped this photo of a western kingbird in Stony Brook on Oct. 16. She writes, The western kingbird is rare to the East Coast but made its way to West Meadow Wetlands Reserve and had been spotted along Trustees Road that past week.

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By Marvin Hazan


Marvin Hazan of Setauket submitted this unique photo of a sulphur shelf mushroom, aka Chicken of the Woods, which perfectly captures the season’s colors. He writes, ‘I took this shot of a magnificent fungus growing out of a recently removed tree on my property.

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One of our readers snapped this amusing photo back in September. She writes, ‘We have so many wonderful photos of the naturally beautiful — even spectacular —Three Village area.  I met these two civic-minded, prospective Poquott neighbors as I was driving home a few weeks ago . . . and I could not resist the shot.

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Photo from LIM


Artist Carol Hummel and her daughter Molly Sedensky from the Hooked@LIM tree project wrapped a tree on the grounds of the Long Island Museum in Stony Brook with a dedication ceremony on Sept. 15. Using over 250 skeins of nylon yarn, the community-based project began in June with 40 volunteers crocheting the individual elements needed to cover the silver maple that stands adjacent to the Carriage Museum on Route 25A. Five other trees on the museum grounds were wrapped in 2015. “The Long Island Museum trees are truly art by the people, for the people, and should be cherished as symbols of community pride,” said Hummel.


John Dielman snapped this solemn photo of Ward Melville High School on Old Town Road in East Setauket at sunset on September 11. “Ward Melville honors 9/11 every year with American flags as a school tradition,” writes Dielman, who graduated from the school in 2015.

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Karen Silvestri of Melville snapped this photo of an egret that has been living in Oceanside for many years and is known to the locals as Earl. She writes, “Earl will let people photograph him without flying away. I used a zoom lens to capture this photo but for a bird of this species he was still close to me. Earl was about 20 feet away, which is surprisingly close for an egret, when I took this photo on July 27.”

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