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Chrissy Swain of East Setauket snapped this incredible photo on Dec. 24 at Sand Street Beach in Stony Brook. She writes, “I was on a beach walk and happened to have my good camera on me when I stumbled upon this family of deer grazing. I watched them quietly for a few minutes and then they one by one got in the water to cross together. It was really beautiful.”


Long Islanders woke up to a beautiful sight last Wednesday morning as the first season’s snow created a winter wonderland effect on the trees. Gerard Romano of Port Jefferson Station captured this lovely scene on Old Post Road in Mount Sinai

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Karen Kurpetski of Riverhead snapped this gorgeous photo on Nov. 4. She writes, ‘In light of the health report I received today on a positive note, the sunset was just as magical and positive to me.’

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Tom Caruso of Smithtown captured this spectacular sunset at Stony Brook Harbor on Oct. 13. He writes, ‘My wife and I were returning from the Shoppes at East Wind when I saw the sky turning beautiful colors as I turned toward the harbor. I was stunned by the sight and got my camera out of my bag and started snapping away. I was among at least eight people photographing it in the parking lot across from the Three Village Inn.’ 


Driving along Roanoke Avenue in Riverhead on Nov. 13, Dawn Olenick of Baiting Hollow just had to pull over, grab her Nikon D5000 and preserve this gorgeous moment. She writes, ‘I was heading over  to a friend’s house when the sun started to set. Had to stop and capture Mother Nature and all her beauty by this old barn.

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Cathy Taldone Cammann of Shoreham snapped this photo of a western kingbird in Stony Brook on Oct. 16. She writes, The western kingbird is rare to the East Coast but made its way to West Meadow Wetlands Reserve and had been spotted along Trustees Road that past week.

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By Marvin Hazan


Marvin Hazan of Setauket submitted this unique photo of a sulphur shelf mushroom, aka Chicken of the Woods, which perfectly captures the season’s colors. He writes, ‘I took this shot of a magnificent fungus growing out of a recently removed tree on my property.

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